One Week of Habits-Building!

So it’s been a week since I started my 90 days challenge to build new success habits.

Today is the 8th day.

I need to check my results and choose new habits for the new week.

Here are quick notes from this week: 

  • the toughest habit was becoming early-riser, especially with my current bedtime (2-3 AM)
  • working 45 minutes in a super-productive zone is OK… the only challenge is choosing high-impact activities
  • thinking, doing research, and decision-making are my top 3 productivity killers so far
  • doing 3-5 hrs of research, thinking, decision-making, and planning in the weekend is the solution
  • other habits are OK — no challenges.
  • all habits are dependent on the 1st one (wake up early). Do the first right, the rest will follow easily.
  • building 1 habit ONLY is the way to go. You focus all emotional and mental energy on it. Easier.

I use Android app called Life Reminders to create habits reminders. Works fine so far.

Now, I’ll have scheduled late lunch with a very good friend of mine. Although I didn’t mean to stick to this habit during past week, but I did it almost daily. Have fun. Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. I still have not finalized my list of joyful activities yet.

It’s 8 days, and I already can sense better clarity & focus, and a good feeling of being more organized from inside.

I’ll decide on taking more habits later today. Also, I’ll review my goals for the rest of this year and make sure I’m on the right direction  😉 .


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