Let’s open the Smart Habits Program again!

It’s been closed for a while.

And I’m really busy with another project. But it’s sad to see this program closed for a long time. So I decided that I’m gonna open it again for 2013, and hopefully help as many people as I possibly can.

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My Plan for 2013

There is no plan!

It’s the first time for me to start a new year without a detailed plan.

This year I’m gonna improvise.

The general theme of the year is defined, I know what I want generally. But I have no plan to make that happen.

Every week, I’ll choose one major focus. One only. And work to achieve it, with less stress, and moderate expectations.

So, my plan for 2013 is – no plan, just improvise, take actions as I go.

I have “accountability buddy”. A very good friend of mine, will work with me weekly to track my progress, and we make decisions weekly. Every week, I send him my tasks & target for that week. And keep him posted during the week. When weekend comes around, I buy him a cup of coffee (well, most of the times ūüėČ ) and set to discuss what happened in that week, and foresee next week. That’s it.

Special thanks to my “accountability buddy”, AR Alsum.



3 Weeks of Habits-Building!

23 days passed since I announced my 90 days challenge to build new success habits.

Here is the update, the challenge was to build the following habits:

  1. wake up 5:00 am — always late, I usually leave bed 6:30 am
  2. drink 500 ml water —¬†done!
  3. pray, and ask for support —¬†done!
  4. exercise for 45 min — not started yet, but currently I¬†stopped¬†using the lift, I use the stairs instead @ work/home.
  5. eat healthy breakfast — sill looking for a good diet I can follow easily
  6. personal grooming: shower, brush teeth, floss, take care of my body‚Ķ etc. I love doing visualization & affirmations while I‚Äôm having the shower¬†—¬†done!
  7. work in my ‚Äúsuper-productive zone‚ÄĚ for 45 min¬†—¬†done!
  8. write 3 goals for the day, and the rest of my to-dos¬†—¬†done!
  9. work 5 hrs only to build my business (and take a short break every 2 hrs to drink water, and eat a small meal) — not yet!
  10. 2:00 pm: leave my laptop @ the office, forward calls to the voice mail, switch off mobile phones (disconnect from work)¬†—¬†done!
  11. eat healthy lunch with my wife before 3:00 PM¬†—¬†sill looking for a good diet I can follow easily
  12. have fun & excitement for 2-3 hrs (I have created a list of activities I enjoy)¬†—¬†done!
  13. healthy dinner with a friend at 7:00 pm — I eat dinner with friends, but not following any specific diet yet.
  14. write a journal entry, a blog post (not business blogging)¬†—¬†not started yet, but I did it¬†occasionally¬†to clear my head.
  15. night grooming, and doing the visualization & affirmations again¬†—¬†not started yet
  16. read nonfiction till I fall asleep (bed time is 10:00 pm)¬†—¬†not started yet
Here are quick notes from the past 23 days: 
  • ¬†It’s the best personal-development experiment I have ever done! I can now feel more control over my day. Things are more “predictable” than before. The sense of extra¬†certainty¬†is comforting.
  • All I had to do was to stay in high level of awareness ¬†most of the day.
  • When you build habits, you need to say “no” to the “default” emotional/physical/mental responses. Be aware, and choose the right action, which is mostly the new habit you’re trying to form.
  • To be able to choose, you need energy (will-power). So being in a good state of energy will help you follow through.
  • The best way to allocate the needed energy, is to stop the current energy-leeches.
  • Don’t start more than 1 new habit per week!
  • When you feel stressed or worried. Try writing. You simply are losing perspective. Clear your head, go for a walk, then write and solve problems. Don’t walk around¬†carrying¬†emotional¬†baggage¬†you don’t need.

That’s it for today’s post.

Tomorrow, I’ll review a new diet plan, and will start the new eating habits sometime this week. And I’ll adjust my strategies to be able to leave bed @ 5:00 AM with a good energy level.

Till next post, live well¬† ūüėÄ


Sample Lessons from the SMART Habits Program

Thank you for your interest in “The S.M.A.R.T. Habits Program”.

On this page, you’ll find lessons samples from the program. I decided to give them away here for you to preview the program before you join. If you have any questions, please post them on the comments section below.

If you like them, join the program here to learn +50 success habits and start progressing toward your goals every 7 days.

Before you¬†download… please use this advice: put your knowledge into action!

Click here to download the introductory (overview) lesson

Click here to download a sample lesson

Thanks again!

Khaled¬† ūüėÄ


One Week of Habits-Building!

So it’s been a week since I started¬†my¬†90 days challenge to build new success habits.

Today is the 8th day.

I need to check my results and choose new habits for the new week.

Here are quick notes from this week: 

  • the toughest habit was becoming early-riser, especially with my current bedtime (2-3 AM)
  • working 45 minutes in a super-productive zone is OK… the only challenge is choosing high-impact activities
  • thinking, doing research, and decision-making are my top 3 productivity killers so far
  • doing 3-5 hrs of research, thinking, decision-making, and planning in the weekend is the solution
  • other habits are OK — no challenges.
  • all habits are¬†dependent¬†on the 1st one (wake up early). Do the first right, the rest will follow easily.
  • building 1 habit ONLY is the way to go. You focus all emotional and mental energy on it. Easier.

I use Android app called Life Reminders to create habits reminders. Works fine so far.

Now, I’ll have scheduled late lunch with a very good friend of mine. Although I didn’t mean to stick to this habit during past week, but I did it almost daily. Have fun. Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. I still have not finalized my list of joyful activities yet.

It’s 8 days, and I¬†already¬†can sense better clarity & focus, and a good feeling of being more organized from inside.

I’ll decide on taking more habits later today. Also, I’ll review my goals for the rest of this year and make sure I’m on the right direction¬† ūüėČ .



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